Monday, January 4, 2016

Knights of the Blood Rose

To augment my Lord of the Rings Galadrhim army, I used a few Reaper minis as special characters.

This was one of my Elf Captains for the Knights of the Blood Rose.

I had a very fun story for these elves, who refused to leave Middle Earth.  They were constantly fighting Easterings with their Khandish allies, who were my evil army.

You can see more of those Knights in my Lord of the Rings section of the blog.

The tree was removable so that I could use him in a game, and not worry about it getting in the way during a scrum!!

He's also here:

Flame Wars

The Sisters sure do have a penchant for setting things on fire!

This time we have one of the white robed Sisters, which was certainly a different color choice for me.

For the longest time, my white colors were always done a bit more to the warm side of things.  I thought it would be more fun to have them be more neutral, or almost cooler.  That would make my greens a little warmer by comparison, as well as any golds I might incorporate as well.

The view from above shows that the base follows the same green marble theme.  As an afterthought, the white robe shows up very nicely against the darker green.