Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spring flowers?

My goodness... they are talking about temperatures above 30 degrees next week.  I will have to put the air conditioners in!!  The snow will melt... catastrophe!

Sorry about that.  It has been a very strange week.  Essentially flipping my daily schedule by 12 hours instantly has me feeling like I just took a trip half way around the world.

O.k., this was an interesting old figure.  I think it is a classic Julie Guthrie sculpt.  I used the Army Painter Meadow Flowers for the first time.  That is so much nicer to use than the previous brands of flowers, where it was essentially a brillo matt that had to be torn off the mass and glued to the base.  It was never very convincing, and certainly not easy to use.

This stuff was so easy to use, and it looks quite nice.  I wanted to have a splash of bright color on this, since everything else was so muted.  The little flowery bits sat up on the top of the tufts perfectly.  Heck, there are even two different color in the same package!  Very cool.

She is also here:

Those darn squiggly swords

Yes, another squiggly sword to work on.

The mob continues to grow.  There are a bunch I have not even taken pictures of yet :-)

More to come!