Friday, November 3, 2017

On the Road Again

One of my favorite army projects back in the day was my Easterling/Khandish force which was focused on cavalry and chariots.  I especially liked the chariots, because they were far sturdier than they were in Warhammer, and seemed to act more like chariots should.

I only had one of the actual metal chariot kits, so I set about finding ways to create some more (there were 4 in total).  Rohan horses and Tomb Kings chariots were just the thing to make those extra chariots!  Here's a link to show how they were made:

I had a few extra Khandish soldiers, which were perfect for crew.  In this case, I had a metal Khandish flag, but for the rest I made my own.  Hopefully you can see the extra trophy heads, which were placed after each battle!

As I mention in that linked post, I had to manipulate the chariot in two places... I had to cut the cart itself and remove about half and inch, and the same for the running pole.  That combination was just enough to allow it to fit on the 60mm round base.

The view from above shows those bases, which also had to be extended a little bit.  If you look at the army board, you will see just how those bases related to the terrain of that board.