Monday, October 19, 2015

War in the Bayou

Well, here's something that I've been looking forward to since Adepticon!!!  Yes, Wild West Exodus will soon be adding its four new factions!

For your viewing pleasure, I will be showing some of the actual line troop sprues.  Let's get that process started with the Scouts of the Confederate Rebellion.

As with all the existing sprues, each figure is a completely unique pose, arranged in sets of five long range and five close combat fighters.

Each piece is labeled, and they go together very easily.  Since these are genuine plastic, plastic glue will actually work!  That's why the WWX plastics are among my favorite, in addition to the solid construction.

These parts won't break as you try to get rid of mould lines :-)

The line troops are not all!  There will also be Bosses and light supports in the initial public release as well.  Here are some images for you:

And no posse is complete without Sidekicks and Underbosses!!

The Long Range Scouts ready for action!  Again, these are not renders, but real figures, assembled, primed, and so on.

The Close Combat Scouts are ready to sneak around the swamp!

I am really looking forward to painting these guys!  The bases will have to be forest or swamp theme.  In the WWX universe, the Confederacy heeded the pleas of their President to abandon the cities, and take the Revolution to the hills and the swamps...

To get an idea of what colors might be used, here are some Butternut and Gray tones for Stonewall Jackson:

The Confederate Rebellion will rely primarily on guerrilla, hit and run style tactics.  Stealth will be their main asset.

There are many exciting heavy supports coming for them as well.  And some very nasty critters!!  Check out the giant snake!!

And Marie Lavuex!!

Stay tuned for many more posts as I base and paint these fantastic troops from the latest Wild West Exodus kickstarter campaign.

 You might be seeing these long before the original release date of Adepticon 2016... :-)

Back away from that snowman...

I think this is how I will be guarding my snowmen this winter!

Considering that someone once drove off the street in the middle of the night to drive over a rather large snowman that we constructed many years ago, this thought is not entirely out of line!

I remember painting late into the night, as usual, and thinking that a snow plow must have driven down the street.  Quite a racket!  When we walked out of the house, it was apparent that there were tire tracks in the snow, almost reaching the sidewalk.

Since it was so large, the bottom layer was almost solid ice.  Let's just say that Mr. Snowman might have fallen, but he took his own pound of flesh as well!!