Sunday, February 17, 2013

A step by step: Dark Age Saint John's Bane

Here's the promised step by step images that I discovered the other day.  When you see this, you are looking at the very early development of the shaded basecoat technique.  This was done even before GW came out with their glazes.

Step 1 began with the lighter colors being applied first, as I do now.  This was a long time ago, so I will be pretty fuzzy on exact colors, so bear with me!

These darker glazes were applied the "old fashioned" way, with watered down paints.  Obviously I approach this differently now, doing more 'shading', and using multiple controlled layers of glazes from GW, Reaper and Vallejo.

The final darks are applied, and then you can see me starting to work back to the middle tones. The deep burgundy was done by mixing a blood red with regal blue, while the greens were snot green, shaded darker by mixing in a very dark blue.

The face is mostly finished, while I develop the white on the cloak.  I probably used a lot of bleached bone on that.  These days, I would probably use Dheneb stone and Vallejo khaki.

You can see the difference working in the middle tones makes, particularly on the greens.  I used some of the bleached bone to lighten them as well.  The brown on the leggings was lightened with some of the brighter greens.

Now the armor is getting more developed.  I can't remember what I used, probably GW terracotta.  These days I have Vallejo Carne Marron, probably mixing it with Vallejo Brown Rose.

The metals were done mostly with snakebite leather, lightened with space wolves grey and bleached bone.  I finished off the little gemstones on the leggings at this point.

So, it was time for final highlights, any last minute darks, and other fine details.  Then we had ourselves a Bane ready to go on a base!!!

Here's the original post with pictures of finished Banes, in case you didn't see that!

Forces of the Forsaken: Saint Mark

Here is a faction of Forsaken led by the character of Saint Mark.  The Forsaken are divided into those various Saints (you saw a lot of St. John yesterday).

These are some Banes painted in the St. Mark color scheme (you might recognize the snakebite leather based colors on the cloaks from the Privateer Press post last night).  These were also sculpted by Werner Klocke.

The group shots...

And Saint Mark himself.

The first of the Saints, Mark is an ambitious, cunning and charismatic individual.  Regarded by some as an emissary, by others as a ruthless brigand, he now finds himself embroiled in a bloody war against the alien Dragyri.  Nowhere are the casualties as high as in the Western Crusade, and seemingly endless caravans of civilian fugitives flee for New Ashkeleon from the West.  Mark's elite Reavers and Shades are masters of subtlety, and when necessary the assassins can be backed up by the immensely powerful Junkers.

More Banes from Dark Age

Now for the rest of the Banes.  Again, some minis that could serve several purposes.  They can always make good Inquisitor retinue figures, as I have done that in the past.  A chainsword here and a purity seal there...

If you check out my Demonhunters posts, you will see several Dark Age figures that were converted in such a way.  I may even have some of them still!

Here's the group shots...