Sunday, February 12, 2017

Blood Sacrifice

I don't think I ever got to use Teneouini in a game of Warhammer Fantasy, but he's always been lurking around with the rest of the Skinks.

This figure goes back a long way, I'm sure, possibly pre-2003 when the Lizardmen figures were initially redone.  As usual, my favorite bit is the chameleon and little lizards crawling or peeking around the stone.

Secret Weapon Realistic water mixed with a variety of reds and browns helped to get the fresh blood effect.  I love suspending the paint in the realistic water, since it has that appearance of blood cells in plasma.  Prior to that, no matter how carefully I painted the blood, it still looked more like red paint.

The Realistic water let me get a blood soaked feel to the robes on the hapless Skaven mage.

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