Monday, January 12, 2015

Guardians of Pseusennes

Of all the items from the Tomb Kings army, this is the one that I most eagerly wanted to see with the new backdrops!

This one really compliments the colors...

If you look through all the blog posts on the constructs like this NecroSphinx, you will see that all of them were painted in this color of blue.

That was to indicate the 'taint' from the new 'god' which appeared to Pseusennes.

I mixed in Vallejo Cyan Fluorescent paint with regular paint colors to enhance the blue.

I also had to get as much variety in the metal colors, as the idea was that all of the armor became quicksilver once the taint had taken hold.

All the colors would morph and change... just like any good Tzeentch tainted thing should!

I barely ever got the chance to use him in an actual battle, which was a bit of a bummer.

He stands ready to make sure all those who enter the Tomb Cities of Pseusennes shall suffer a fate worse than death!

See you in the Funny papers...

Hobart's Funnies, that is.  A rather ingenious set of adapted British Churchill tanks that were created in 1944 to facilitate many tasks involved with the reopening of the second front in the West.

As you can see by this Memoir '44 reference card, they performed a wide variety of functions.  I still have not painted the Petard Mortar version yet.

These next few shots are more about the AVRE 6's themselves...

Just the tanks...

And some of the options.

I really look forward to trying out these equipment load outs in our Memoir games!!!

This will present some serious new thought to our usual approaches, in which most of the tank units have either been elite, Tigers, or flamethrowers.

Bridging the gap, so to speak.

When I saw this image, I got the hankering to paint one of these much larger scale versions!

For now, I must settle for these tiny versions.  Perhaps some slightly larger one might end up in Flames of War games during 2015. :-)  

I have been surprised at the increasing interest I have in the historical figures.  While I obviously enjoy the fantasy figures, etc., this merging of my love of history with my love of miniature painting begs further exploration, to say the least!