Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nuns with guns... again

Some WIP shots of another Sister batch. 

Just about all of you are familiar with my Shaded Basecoat technique.  This set of images shows a few miniatures at the end of that stage, and on to the glazing, etc.

The concept behind the shaded basecoat is to start 'in the middle' and work towards the highlights, with subsequent layers of glazing and tinting afterwards.

There are many purposes for this.  First, it simplifies the color palette, in that I don't have to rely on a specific paint color.  I just need a few generic colors, since tinting with the glazes will let me match colors from previously painted figures.

This set has a few initial glazes.  I use a smaller liner brush to apply these.  They are not washes.  That is a huge difference.  Carefully applied, these glazes enhance the shadow areas, but also tint them towards a cooler shade of red as well.

That is the critical part of the synergy between the shaded basecoat and glazing.

You can see that glazes have been applied to the face and the weapons.  I also like to mix those glaze colors with regular paint, which creates semi-translucent colors that are perfect for mid tones.

Mid tones are the most important part of every miniature.  They not only set up your highlights and shadows... but at least 40% of your miniature value range fits in that middle!!

Bennie seemed to be very happy.