Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Memory lane and Wrath of Kings

Today we have some more Wrath of Kings figures.  Don't these guys remind you of the glory days of Rackham?  I always like the wolfen guys the best.  It really takes me back to 2003-04.

Nice to think that the wolfen are not completely lot to time and history!

Look... he has a girlfriend!

Making and painting an Apoxy sculpt base

Here are a few quick shots of an apoxy sculpt base.  First, the sculpted bits...

And now for the painting.  It was fairly basic.  I had a grey, a brown, a yellow, and a seafoam green.  Using a larger brush and working rapidly, I started out with a yellow/grey mix .  The grey/brown mix was used on the rocks themselves...

You can see the seafoam green mixed in with the grey on the upper surfaces of the rocks.  Eventually, I mixed in a yellowish white to begin highlighting them.

The highlighting continues.  I also mixed this light color in with the yellow/grey mix to highlight the 'ground'.

At this point, it was ready to be shaded and glazed darker.  I used a black, a sepia and a bit of green.  I focused on the lowest areas making sure to vary how much green or sepia was used.

Here's the finished results!