Friday, August 16, 2013

The White Comet

One more bike!  This time with a chain sword.

I have to say, these have turned out to be more fun to paint than I expected.  I figured they would mostly be a nightmare.  Happily, that is not the case!

As the squad progresses, I learn how to do each area more efficiently.  Of course, I will have these mastered just when there are no more to paint!! :-)

Also, I think the fact that these are more of a cool/neutral gray has piqued my interest.  I never get the chance to paint pure white, so this is very cool!  I will be painting some other figs with this scheme as see how that goes.

Beware of falling rocks

It was a very strange day today.  Not quite how I expected it to play out.  But, in any case, here is the conclusion of the Hills and Rocks video.

Here's the 'not black' black layer of craft paint.  That stuff is so fantastic, and freakin' cheap!!!

Brushing on some 'happy greens' to make some moss...

And then you end up with some nice terrain pieces for your table!

I look forward to using these in Lustria!!

Added to my collection. :-)

Looks like someone is having their own convention...