Monday, September 22, 2014

Time for Chaos

Yes, another chaotic day in Wappelville.  Another warrior from Red Box Games.

Very basic colors... but still some subtle transitions in the middle tones and shadow areas.

Side by side with his buddy.

It will be fun to see these guys all together, on some of the big backdrops.

Perhaps even some terrain as well. :-)

Enforcing the Law...

Once again, I had some of the Lawmen Hired Hands colors "on hand", so I slapped some color on them while other things dried.  This is one of the biggest advantages of having many projects under way at once.

There are at least 3 current projects that access this group of colors very heavily.  It means that I can not only keep the line moving, but also stay a little more mentally fresh.  

When you are doing this 10-18 hours a day, every day, it is very important to change your focus a bit.  It is even more advantageous when the sculpts you are painting are very different from one another.

The Wild West Exodus figures have their own unique style of sculpting, and the genre is also quite different.

So, it is a perfect thing to have available when the eyes and brain just need to look at something different.  Otherwise, you could get very bored, frustrated, and just plain tired :-)

The added bonus here is that I actually get to use these guys as I learn how to play the Wild West Exodus game!  Yay!

Much more to come!