Sunday, September 18, 2016

A strong platform

Next up for the Gates of Antares Isorian army is the Nhamak Light Support Drone platform.  As I have mentioned in the previous Antares posts, this return to sci-fi has also meant a return to some brighter, more saturated color schemes.

This particular return to sci-fi also involves a more 'natural' or organic set of shapes, so there's even more color selection freedom!  This carapice was a great opportunity to try out some different color combos.

As I work through this force, I'm even more glad that I went with the deck plating style of basing.  The neutral gray tones are a perfect method to offset these brighter more saturated colors.  The occasional accents of safety stripes and other markings brings a bit of that warm color down onto the base too.

This view from above gives you a sense of that color contrast.

And now for a few shots of just the platform.  The next set will likely be the command staff, so stay tuned!!