Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Leader of the pack

Here we have the leader of the Kabal Warriors.  As with most of the group, this was a combination of old and new kits.  It turned out to be super fun!

I also have another version of this figure with an agonizer.  In fact, I am really looking forward to the post tournament army which will include many more of the Kabal warriors.  They will have a very cool ride in the Tantalus!

I have a few shots of the whole squad that I will post next.

Miniaturized version of the mosaic tiles...

This base is for one of my objective markers.  Most of you are familiar with the Razorwing base that has a much bigger version of this particular mosaic.  This is a 40mm base.

I am enjoying the mosaics!  I will try to get some of these on the army board as well.

The beginning of a duel...

The original plan for this jetbike (as it was for a few others) was to have a space marine either being hacked apart by the bladevanes, or standing on the ground firing up at the jetbike... like the Razorwing.

This is why it was built up on the taller base.  However, I quickly realized that it would be impossible to use in a game as originally conceived, so I pared it down to the shooting marine, which could in turn be removable, just like the Cyberwolf marine can be removed from the Razorwing base.

Hopefully I will get the time to make that space marine figure for this particular base. :-)

In the meantime, here are a few more views of the jetbike by itself.

And here it is with the original color test jetbike...

Much more to come!