Friday, May 3, 2019

Blood Knights

Here are some finished images of the Flayed Men heavy cavalry that were painted during a few YouTube live sessions.  Here's a link to the first one where I was working in oils:

I continued this unit into another session, where I did some work with acrylics, along with the snow and blood effects!

I had really been looking forward to painting this unit, since they reminded me of cavalry units from other game systems, except that these were all one piece, unbreakable and had far more motion and action to the poses!

I was able to try out a few new things in terms of painting, basing and even the blood effects, trying out some new materials.

I have another one of these units now, and I will set up some more traditional studio style painting videos, similar to the Army Painting series that I have on my Patreon Page.

That will be available, along with the previous 8 series, when you take the $15 monthly pledge.  This also gets you access to all of the other videos, such as the Dark Sword, Basing, Creature Caster, Nocturna, Black Heart and much more!  Here's a link where you can check that out: