Sunday, August 26, 2018

Give that Dog a Bone!!

Here's another version of the Malifaux hell hounds.  Just as I did with the first hound, I made a series of glazes to establish the darks and shadows.  The fur texture on the figure was very fine, so I had to bring more of that out with actual brush strokes.

I worked mostly with the Reaper Liner paints, which are fantastic in that they can be thinned down to a great degree, and yet keep their color integrity.  They remain dark and heavily pigmented.  By adding a light, opaque color to them, I was able to create some nice mid tone fur colors as well.

I always enjoyed painting wolves in 2D, so I have fun whenever I get the chance to paint them in 3D! :-)  When I did the original set of Painting Pyramid instructional videos, painting fur certainly had to be part of it!!  

Here's a few scenes from that video: