Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beelphegor from Battle Series

I was able to uncover some rare images today of a set of miniatures I did a while back.  I believe the line was called Battle Series, but I could be wrong, or the name has changed.

This character was called Beelphegor.

They were very nicely sculpted and cast, as you can see, and they were a blast to paint.  If anyone knows if they are still around, pass me the word!

Hildegard von Königsmark from Raging Heroes

Here's a fantastic mini from Raging Heroes!  She is Heldegard von Konigsmark, one of three sisters from the limited edition set.

As with all Raging Heroes figures, there is fantastic detail and lots of clean lines!  I was able to put a few different weapon arms on her to illustrate how many options you are given with these sets.

These weapons are not the original arms, but these figures are able to support many of the various options, which is great.

You can see more of the details on the back views. I even used some of the colored weathering powders to do some shading.  In this case, I used the blue and the red from Back 2 Base Ix.

Since this was painted in Altdorf color scheme, I put a little Karl Franz tribute on the base...

And here are some views to show how it compares scale wise to a GW figure (sorry about the different base heights).  They are the same scale, so they will work great with your Empire army!

Of course, I would love it to eventually see an entire army of these. :-)  For you fans of the Dark Elves, you will get your wish, as an upcoming Kickstarter will feature those!!

Here's a link to the Raging Heroes site:

Painting with great Zeal...

Here's a selection of Skarrd minis from Dark Age.  

They are Buzz Blades chosen by the Sister of Charity to become Mights and Zeals.  Might warriors have already proven to have natural resilience and strength, which is enhanced dramatically through various drugs and chemical compounds.

Zeals look miserable and lost when standing still, resembling a drug addict awaiting his next fix.  Slender and gaunt, these Zeals will do anything to please their mistress, Sister Charity.  She adopts them and augments them with biochemical and grafting apparatus to their muscles.