Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sisters at the ready!

Time for some fun pictures!   First,  we feature the converted Secret Weapon RAV 6 × 6 tank.  Standing guard is one of the units of Sisters. 

I had a lot of fun making the armour skirts and Exorcist turret.  There are previous posts showing how it was made.

I was really itching to see the Sisters side by side with thier beloved tank!

These were all painted at radically different times, but the shaded basecoat technique eliminates any worries! 

The view from above,  showing how the bases, vehicle and armor all tie in together. 

Next up, some posts on the completed Seraphim. 

Suckin' it on the battlefield, kickin' in the display case!

Here's a look at a few of my Crystal Brush winners.  As you can see, this year it was three silvers and a bronze.  That makes twelve overall for me.

I took bronze in the Fantasy unit. 

I ended up using my Tomb King horseman until,  since there is still a ten miniature limit. 

That does eliminate a lot of units for me.  You don't simply 'pick out' ten from a unit designed to be double or triple that. 

Now for some close ups.

You can see much more of these guys in the Tomb King section! 

One last view.

And for the silver in the monster category. 

The king's Warsphinx!

It was very satisfying to have two more units from the army win awards!  That makes four total.

I also won a silver for Dark age, and another for Rivet Wars.    Many thanks to Elizabeth,  Curtis,  Jen and Jonathan for all their hard work!