Friday, January 16, 2015

Sculpting styles...

Back to the world of Privateer Press.  It is definitely a distinctive style of sculpting.  I have not been able to get a definitive word to express it.

They are less 'dainty' than other types of sculpts, which is neat.  I enjoy that one sculptor's figures look very different from each other.  It makes life as a painter WAY more fun :-)

The dawn of a new age...

The Age of RJ-1027 that is.

Here we have a few members of the Wayward Eight taking over an RJ-1027 station.  No doubt connected with Carpathian!

There are blog posts showing how the generator and the Iron Horse charging stations were made.

As I work on the heavy support vehicles, I become more intrigued at the possibility of using some of the Wayward Eight as their crews.

That should help keep those vehicles up and running more easily.

We shall see how that plays out in or next game!