Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Deadly Skies

Once again we fly the deadly skies with Asharah's legions.

Placing the additional wings onto these Reaver Jetbikes was a lot of fun, so I was very glad that extra bladevanes came with the original kits!

Since these bladevanes are the primary weapon, it seemed to make a lot of sense to create an extra sense of danger with a few more.  It also created a more sinister feel, and gave me more room for freehand and the blood effects!

Getting them into position to make such an attack without getting them shot to pieces was a much more difficult task than converting and painting them.  

Siren Call

Tonight we have another Siren miniature.  Meet Greir, a dwarf adventurer. 

Coming up with a unique look for dwarves is a major challenge, but as you have seen in previous posts here, Siren worked quite hard to make some very interesting characters.

There is an ever expanding line of wonderful sculpts on their website:

I look forward to trying out many more of this incredible line!!  The base is made from baked sculpey clay... even the crystals!  I created an entire video on how to make this style of base.  

They are a lot of fun, as you press real rocks into unbaked sculpey clay.  We have a fairly large collection of rock types now. :-)

He's also here: