Friday, February 13, 2015

Aussie rules

Aussie rues Football is not the only great thing created in Australia.  Let's not forget about Victoria Miniatures, a fantastic line of figures that expand the possibilities for your guardsman armies exponentially!

I made an entire tournament army for them last year for the 40k Championships.  Check out my Road to Adepticon series for that journey!

There's a host of unique designs... check them out here:

The Highland Moss Guard are simply fantastic.  How do you top this "voxcaster"?  Wonderful.

Each figure is incredibly poseable, coming in various parts... torso, head, arms/weapons, legs, and so on.  There's no end to the ways you can combine them.

They are also fantastic for converting figures from a certain other company, as they are designed to be interchangeable. 

The kneeling poses are very fun.  Not only do they make a dramatic individual figure pose as I did here, but they are perfect for gun crews, such as this heavy mortar team:

The APC vehicles in these scenes are from Secret Weapon Miniatures... the RAV 6 x 6.

The ruined tank pieces are also from Secret Weapon miniatures.  They made my kneeling poses look even more dramatic, crouching behind them...

There are eight different versions you can choose from, such as these Victorian Guard:

Look for these great miniatures at Adepticon!!!!

Victoria Miniatures is also providing this special figure for Adepticon 2015, Colonel Elisabeth Deitrich:

Zombie snowmen

It's been a while since you have seen some Red Box Games minis, so here's a few :-)

This sort of undead stuff means that you can have all sorts of fun with color combos.

I did a lot of semi-transparent glazes on the dead skin, purple over green, gray over yellow, and so on.