Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's all in the bag

Remember those Bags of Holding that Babo was helping me to sell at Convergence?  Well, I just had to have one for myself!

Of course, one does not simply own a Bag of Holding.  Others will claim it for themselves, it seems!

It really is popular!

The empty bag before the loading process begins.

And this is what I am hoping to stuff inside it!  Anyone who has seen me in person has seen me haul this bad boy around.  It does hold a ton of stuff, and it is on wheels, but it can be very difficult to get this into smaller vehicles, and it is murder on escalators!

Also, it can be very difficult to get things to stay in place.  While it is very huge inside, the dimensions do no stay the same throughout.  As a result, I end up stacking all kinds of plastic cases of various sizes in it, which are a nightmare to keep straight, and it is way too much like hobby Jenga.

Marty has been using stackable cases like these for his hobby stuff, and this version fit perfectly inside the BOH.

I learned that I could fit two of these stacks inside, and still have room for one more case!!

Filling up the plastic bins.  You recognize these bases!  They were mostly flopping around inside the giant case...

Wild West Exodus 'Serenity inspired' figures!

Side pockets!  I was able to get all the brushes in one pocket, while the other held multiple containers of terrain compound.  Heck, I even squeezed a giant bottle of brush on primer inside.
The front pocket held glue and other items.

More surprises for Memoir '44!  These went in the top compartment.

The full stack of seven plastic bins contained!

The final result.  I slipped the backpack on, and was walking around with ease.  It was much lighter, since I was not also carrying the weight of the big plastic case!

Here's the link to the bag: