Monday, April 29, 2013

The view from above.

Some more shots of the Storm Eagle, this time from the top.  This set really made me comprehend just how huge this thing is.  When you see this vast wing span, and what is attached to it, you can understand why it's so heavy.


Getting pins into the wings was tricky, to be sure.  The first time around, I attached the engines to the sides of the hull, and did the wings separately.  This turned out to be much more difficult.  So, I attached the engines to the wings instead, and left them to be painted separately.

It also made this easier to paint, as the main hull weighed less, and the engines didn't get in the way of the brush nearly as much!

The undercarriage was painted in pieces, as were the weapon pods, canopy and front wings.

Still to come are the pictures of this big boy in flight, as well as the extra nose mounted weapons.  Stay tuned!!

A touch of rust...

A dab here, a streak there, here some rust, there some rust, a little bit of staining.  All that helps to make the 'quickie' terrain look a little more normal.

There was nothing fancy here.  I just mixed some reddish brown together with orange and other browns.  As always, time was counting down, so it had to be done very rapidly!

The one nice thing about mixing in those metallics with the craft paints was the textural difference between the rust colors and the metals.  That's great in a lower light environment.

When I get some more time, I want to paint in cracks on the ground sections, and try to put some insignias and numbers on the tanks...

Here's the storage tank glued in place...

I was hoping that I had left enough open space on these pieces so that minis could get up on them and fight!

We shall see, as players use them on the Tuesday Warmachine nights at the Wondering Dragon!

Now for some shots of the terrain by the end of the day/evening...

This terrain is meant to be used, so feel free to use it for your games of Warmahordes!!

Taking flight once again...

OK folks, look what we have here.  This is the second Imperial Fists Storm Eagle.  It had all the torment of the other ones, and then some :-)

I am just glad that it's done!  I will have many more images from various angles over the next few days.

I had forgotten just how monstrous this vehicle is.  It makes the Darke Eldar Razorwing look like a Venom by comparison.

It also weighs a ton.  Huge chunks of solid resin.

I did a few things differently with the second Storm Eagle, so that they would be somewhat distinct from each other.

The top views will show even more of the streaks and scortch marks, and so on.

You can look through the blog posts on the previous Storm Eagle, and how the pieces were painted.

Stay tuned for more!!