Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Big Dude

Here's a big lad from Red Box Games.  He is standing on a 40mm base, which makes him ogre sized.

As with all the other skin colors on the Red Box Games figures, I tried to get some nice subtle greens in the shadow areas.  The usual technique of mixing a warm, toned down green with some of the Flesh Wash did the trick.

Since this one was a bit bigger, I could have even more fun.  However, I still had to keep all of the skin colors matched to the dozens of previously painted minis. 

This is the largest of the Red Box Games minis that I have worked on so far.  There are a few new metal horses that I'm going to be painting soon, so stay tuned!!!

Bigger, Badder Wolf

We have another fantastic Wulfen figure from the Norsgard Miniatures line!  I had a lot of fun with this guy.  Here's a link to their facebook page:

They have created a number of wonderful figures, which I have found to be cast in very silky, resilient resin that is very easy to prep!  There are even weapon and head swapping options, which is great!
Also, the poses are very dynamic.

This guy is the largest Wulfen I have done from Norsgard (he's on a 40mm round base).

The faces are very expressive and finely sculpted, which allowed me to feel as if I was painting a portrait.  That was fun!!!

I hope to have many more Norsgard miniatures here to show you!  One more very special Wulfen is under way, so stay tuned :-)