Wednesday, September 16, 2015

King of the Jungle

Here we have the finished results of the latest paper foliage experiment!

It's called Diorama Accessories (the company is Korean), and I purchased it from Hangar 18's website.

I don't remember who manufactured the figure.  That was a long time ago.

It's placed on a smaller Secret Weapon Miniatures resin plinth, which is about 50mm.  As you can see, I not only had fun with the foliage... I had a blast painting the Draconic Shaman as well!!

These views show off the foliage even better...

I am amazed at how well the foliage takes paint, with absolutely no warping, even when washes are applied.

I took a few shots on a different backdrop to see what it would all look like.  I may try one or two more to test them out.

Planting Season!

Time for another experiment in foliage!  As you can see, the test involves the paper foliage which I have used on a limited basis.

Thin wire is included with the kit, which allows you to make a very solid stem for the plants. 

Most of the painting is done prior to attachment to the main base.

Ready for placement!!

The ferns in position...

I drilled a few holes to anchor the stems...

The larger leaves are placed as a pair, just like the ferns.

One more leaf to place!

The Gamers Grass tufts will be used to cover the holes drilled for the stems, and offer the addition of green color to the broken temple base.

Both leaves and tufts in place!  Images of the final results to follow!!