Friday, April 3, 2015

Invested in Vestals

Here's the first of the Sci-fi Blood Vestals from Raging Heroes.

I made a few squads of these for my Dark Eldar army.

I had a few squads of five that rode in Venoms... they actually managed to hunt down some vehicles that way!

And with some characters...

Altar and priest

Finally time for the side by side and complete images!

Getting everything in the correct place on this was very difficult, and of course the instructions are minimal or non-existent. :-)

That leaves a series of best guesses... but at least he fits in there!

I have some powders that I will be putting in a few areas as accents.

Those will be in a few isolated areas... not really for weathering, but enhancing shadow areas.

I want to infuse a few complimentary colors in those darker sections.

The powders can also get into some deep crevices that brushes just can't reach.

Then a final spray and complete!!!