Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How do you cook your Turkey?

Hey folks!  It's almost that time again.  Traveling through the wind and snow to get to someone's house for Thanksgiving!!

This is what it was like in our neighborhood a few days ago.

It's about to get much warmer, however, as the Black Friday sale at Wild West Exodus approaches!!!

This little dandy you see here is the new Outlaw Flame Truck, a new heavy support choice for the Wild West Exodus troublemakers!

I thought I would show you a few WIP images, starting with the usual shaded basecoat.  As always, the object here is to 'block in' not only colors, but where the lights and darks will go.

It's far easier to paint all the component element separately, and then do the final assembly later!  It also means that I don't have to handle certain edges as much, removing paint along the way!

By setting up all these basic shadings, I can then pick and choose what I want to make even darker, or tint to a different shade.  When you are dealing with as many shades of gray as this, it can get a bit monotonous, so you really want a way to work in that variety.

That can mean making one area more greenish or reddish, and so on.

The primary gun mount.  The colors were changed on this a few times, which is the kind of flexibility the Shaded Basecoat approach provides.

The crew of the gun mount also had a lot of earth tones on him.  That's good, as it will make him stand out from the cooler greenish blue grays...

The wheels are a major part of this vehicle.  These are shaded with the darkest parts towards the top, and lighter closer to the ground.  It's all about the reflected light!

These will look quite different when all the weathering is added.

Speaking of food... this cranberry/orange dressing was very nice on this salad!!  There had to be some kind of recipe included. :-)

Here's a shot with many of the pieces getting their darker glazes and shading.  There's a bit of preliminary weathering on the prows...

More definition is added to the wheels... in the hubs as well as the treads.

One last shot of the wheels!!!

For those living in cold climates:

Wage says, "Don't forget change your furnace filters once a month!"

More from the brand new Outlaw Flame Truck soon, so stay tuned!

A plague of Locusts

Well, eventually there will be Union Locust light support craft flying above these trenches!

For now, here is the completed base, which is just about 60mm.

It's interesting to see these sorts of bases painted and compare them to the original wood, gravel and other materials used to create it in the first place.

As you can see, the addition of the Secret Weapon skull and cartridges gave the interior of the trench a nice boost!

These ground level views show the stick/log assembly, and how I tried to paint it to look more 'in scale', and less like sticks.  Also, I attempted to run that same balance of browns, grays, greens, tans, and so on.

I am really looking forward to showing the finished Locust on this fun base!!  Stay tuned.