Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fun with color contrasts and flesh tones

This is Sinoei, a very cool Reaper figure that I used for the Tanned Skin tone video.  It really was perfect.

It also allowed me to delve into a bit of color fun, as I used the slightly cooler magenta color to 'warm up' the skin tones a bit.  I was then able to use a little turquoise in the marble to set off the magenta.

I believe that I may have experimented with a few of the Badger airbrush paints on the test figure.  Those can be used with regular brushes as well. :-)

Here's another view with the bases.

She is also here:

A feather in your cap

A few more Greatswords for you.  A squiggly sword and a great big feather!

Still having the most fun on the flesh tones.  Fooling around with a slightly different combo on each one.

Is that a big feather or is he happy to see someone?  You know what they say about the size of your feather...

A little side by side comparison of the squiggler vs straight blade.

Stay shiny!