Thursday, March 1, 2018

Drone Wars

This is the Isorian Tograh MV2 Transport Drone from Gate of Antares, another element of the Isorian army that I have been working on.  As with the Combat Drone, I used the Vallejo Fluorescent paints to establish the glow.  The Oranges and Purples were used to act as a compliment to this greenish glow.

Here's a link to the webstore:

The purples were also tinted "warmer" and "cooler" be virtue of the glazes and highlight colors.  For instance, I can start out with the same Reaper Clear Purple, and then use either a pink or a light sky blue to highlight it.  This creates a greater variety of tones, which is important on a vehicle as large as this with so many complex surfaces.

The underside of the vehicle was highlighted mostly with that bright sky blue, while the upper area shadow zones were glazed darker with blue.  This made the pinkish highlights stand out a bit more, without having to be made incredibly light.

I didn't want those highlights to be brighter than the green glow of the various power transfer elements.

If you check out previous posts on the Isorian army, you will find some step by step painting guides.

The views from above show how all these different tones work together.  You can see that I used the pinkish highlight colors to create the 'living' sections of the carapice, where veins and other bits of freehand show through the outer shell.  That carried those tones across the entire surface, merging two very different areas of color together.

Even the purple spots on the orange sections help in this task... pulling all the elements together.

I have already painted a number of Gates of Antares vehicles in my facebook live sessions.  Here is a very fun session that I did a while back...

I will be doing more Antares live sessions, as well as additional Bolt Action tutorials.  If you want to see even more painting, basing and terrain techniques, you can be part of my Patreon Page, where special videos are available on every aspect of painting!