Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Raven in the Forest

Before I posted the finished images of this figure from Albino Raven Miniatures, I thought you might like to see the base in its raw form.  

He is a 54mm figure, with all the details you would expect from ARM.  Such details make a painter's life easier, and that is always fun!

There are many articles on the blog showing how I create the "Bark 'n Branch" bases.  Larger figures such as this one are a interesting to create, as I have enough space to add the larger branches, and utilize the smaller branches to get that forest look.

These are also bargain basement cheap materials as well... as in mostly free.    Grab branches and bark that's sitting there on the ground... pieces of mulch, all kinds of goodies!  Stay tuned for the finished pictures!!


I had a lot of fun painting this figure from Twisted Game, called Nightengale.

Everywhere I looked, there were all kinds of amazing details, such as the filligre on the apron.  I didn't put any additional freehand on this piece so that people could see it was part of the actual sculpt.

The metal wings were a nice area to offer a bit of contrast, and reflect the light of the lamp.  This meant that I could do the cool vs warm color contrasts as well.

The base is from the Secret Weapon series.  I wanted to keep this base as close to the bases you see in the game play images, but this one in particular allowed me to do something for the first time.  As you can see in these images, I was able to reflect the lamp light in the ripples of the water.

In all my years of basing and painting, I had yet to try something like that.

Yes indeed, it's never too late to try something new.  I'm just glad that I'm getting a chance to paint these fantastic miniatures!

Here's a link to the kickstarter itself, where you have the options of rules, unit cards, and even wonderful terrain pieces!