Friday, April 12, 2013

The last marker...

Here's the last objective marker!  It's all about the army board at this stage...

Zoom! More jetbikes...

OK!  Another jetbike.  As usual, just as I had worked out the best system for painting these... there were no more to paint.  You will be seeing many more images of these in the coming days. :-)

The second splinter rifle is magnetized, so not to worry about that.  In fact almost all of the bikes are magnetized to carry various weapons, from blasters to heat lances to cluster caltrops.

So stay tuned for much more!

All the rage... The other batch of Vestals

I will be posting some of the Raging Heroes Sci Fi Blood Vestals over the next few days.  There are two batches of five Vestals made by Raging Heroes.  You have already seen one group of 5.  To match my list, I had to use one GW Wyche (to get the second shardnet and impaler).

I love the dynamism of the poses, as always!

There is also much more area to do some freehand designs, whereas the GW versions have the wyche suits with a few 'viewing holes' here and there :-)