Saturday, December 6, 2014

I thought I saw a pussy cat...

You saw the glazing process on this bad boy, and now some finished images for you!

I wanted to have some lion-like golden browns and sienna on this, but I also wanted to give it more of a Chaos appearance.  So, I tried to work in as many greens and purples as I could.

Those colors are also nice compliments to the golden browns and such, which helps to create more variety and depth this large creature, avoiding lots of monotonous areas of color.

While it's even more necessary to do such things on these big guys, it's also a little easier.  You don't have compressed areas which might look too crazy with so much color variation.

I also was aware that I had the snow as a contrast... but it was also something that had to influence the colors facing the ground.  Much more green in the shading there!

And now for a size comparison. The Beastman is on a 30mm base.  Yup... big kitty!!!

Sabertooth Secrets

Glazing time again!!

Among the usual tools for this task, we see the Secret Weapon washes.  

When you compare these two images to the original Shaded Basecoat image, you will immediately see what a difference it all makes...

Here is that original image.  This is the "middle up" shading that leaves me so much leeway to change color tints and more.

Bam!  Lots of fun variations have been created in the thick fur around the head, switching between a number of glaze colors.  I even allow them to mix together on the figure itself, letting gravity take hold.

I wanted some areas of this fur to be not only darker, but more of a cooler shade as well.  Thus, blue and greens were added to the brownish glaze colors.

You can see that some shading was added down the spine, which was not my original intention.

This is what I mean by flexibility and the ability to change directions from the original plan!

A number of the Secret Weapon washes have a semi transparent/opaque quality, and I took advantage of that property here to create a bit of inflammation around the protruding spikes.

If you recall the last few articles on rust effects, you will know that this has been very fun for me.  The orange wash also has that transparent/opaque quality, used to create this look.

Getting there!

I also mix regular paint with my washes and glazes.  I did that here with some Reaper Solid Black, which really absorbs light.  This was useful in the cooler shadow areas of the neck fur, especially near the armor.

Finished pics soon!!!!