Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I see your point

Yes indeed, more Elves with pointy sticks!

As I have mentioned before, these spear toting elves were essential backup for the swordsmen in front of them.  I ended up spending a few extra points on most of them to give them shields, in case they ended up being too outnumbered to offer just that extra attack.

I didn't face too many horde armies, so that sort of outnumbering didn't really take place.

A Sweet Ride

Some new looks at some old Venoms.  I had to put some trophies on the hull, because that's how I roll :-)

It was really fun to translate the freehand pattern from the smaller infantry style figures to the vehicles.

I think the extra slave girl figures came from Bronze Age miniatures.

The base was fashioned from an unused Forgeworld doorway for a Storm Eagle.

The extra weight of the base acted as a perfect counterweight to the figure itself!

Just cruisin' along the webway!  Stay tuned for more Venoms!!