Friday, August 9, 2013

Raging Reds...

Some red goodies from Urban Mammoth!  These were very appropriate minis for a video all about reds.

Just as I did with all the other 'color theory' episodes, I did some swatches and value comparisons.  The key point here was to emphasize "warm vs cool" and "saturated vs unsaturated" colors.

Armed with that color chart, it was time to tackle the mini!

The shaded basecoat...

Uh oh, must be time to glaze!

Yes indeed, the color swatches were handy!

Speaking of reds, here is a different kind of color swatch.


Three of a kind...

Some images of the three completed bikes together!!!

It is always fun to see these units build up like this :-)

I am still getting used to the idea of painting 'white', instead of some form of off white.

Where are you guys headed?  They're THAT way...

More on the way!