Friday, January 4, 2013

More fun from Raging Heroes: Mantis demonette finished!

Here we have the finished result from my flesh tone test.  As I mentioned before, this was a test figure for one of my non-human flesh tone painting DVD's.

I will try one or two more of these tests, so that I get just the right figure for the DVD!

The base is a design that I created for Coolminiornot.  It is part of the Groundwerks series.

Mantis demonette from Raging Heroes: a step by step fleshtone

While I try to work out all the technical snags of the painting DVD kickstarter, I decided to go ahead with something I have more control of... painting!

This is actually a practice piece for a multi-part set of non-human flesh tone DVD's. The figure is from the Raging Heroes line.  A similar figure to this will be used to create the actual DVD.

I started this out by mixing a bit of pink with a greyish white for the flesh.  The claws and lower legs were painted with the pink and Reaper ash brown.

More of the pink is mixed in with the original flesh tone to lighten it.  

I mixed in some very pale elf flesh into that mix to lighten it further.

This all follows the 'shaded basecoat' principle, as you will see in the subsequent steps.  My goal was to set up my darker glazes.

Starting with the legs, I have a few glaze colors at the ready.  A violet, a dark blue, and a black.  The first glaze is a watered down violet, starting at the top of the section I want to shade.  As I move further down, the dark blue is mixed with the violet.  The black is added when I reach the feet, since I want that to be a bit warmer.

The same process is done on the claws.  I tried to leave the ends of them a little lighter, as I am considering putting a little bit of blood splatter on them.

This image shows that I treated the head the same way, as well as the little horns on the back.

I have also begun to work back into my middle tones at this point.  I mixed in some of my pink color with the dark glazes.  This is a favorite little trick of mine.  I end up with a semi-transparent lighter color.  This can be very helpful for subtle transitions!

Tomorrow I will show the shading of the flesh, as well as the freehand work.

Again, this is a practice run for one of the initial DVD's.  By practicing this a few times, I will be able to pass along more information in the relatively compressed time frame of 100 minutes :-)