Monday, May 16, 2016

What could this be?

The next few posts will give you a peek at a massive project that has been under way for some time.  It's not exactly a step by step process, but a glimpse into the realm of the gargantuan.

You are seeing a handful of pieces from a huge Forgeworld Mechanicum vehicle, which I ingeniously labeled the "Ray Gun Tank".  Yes, not terribly creative.

This control center is just one tiny section, barely visible now that it is all assembled.

Some individual parts weigh over a pound... solid chunks of resin.

This is the targeting mechanism, and even this is several inches tall!  Everything that you are seeing at this point is in the shaded basecoat phase.

As usual, there are a few "pilots".

These are the smaller wheel assemblies, not kidding.  The rear wheels are even larger.  Each one comes in two pieces, as there is an exposed interior.

This view is a more finished version of the control center.  Future articles will have a little more action in them... just a tease for right now!