Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Crossing the Rubicon

It's time to take a look at the first of some amazing 1/56 scale kits by Rubicon miniatures.  I suppose that the old "you can't judge a book by it's cover" saying does not apply here, because the incredible packaging is an indicator of the marvels contained within!

As most of you already know, my obsession with trucks as transports and tows, so having another Opel Blitz around suits me just fine. 

The concept behind the Rubicon kits is a combination of gaming and display level figures.  This means that they are supposed to have the look and feel of high level traditional model kits (which can be used for competition dioramas, etc.) but have an ease of construction and durability which you see in more gaming oriented kits.

Working with these sets has shown me they accomplished this goal with great accuracy!

The instructions are a great balance of detail and options, just like the kit.  There are many tidbits of advice and hints on which parts should be assembled first, depending on what your goal is.  A very complete decal sheet is also included.

Amazingly enough, it took only two sprues to provide all these options.  They are not jammed in together so tightly that you have to risk breaking pieces just to remove them.  All too often, I have to cut up the main sprues to be able to get at the parts that I need.  Certainly not an issue here!

Things might look complex off the bat, but the instructions are very easy to follow, and every piece fits together perfectly.

Check out the level of detail on this undercarriage.  I can't wait to get at this with my weathering products!  I think you can also see some of the thought bubbles on the instructions offering the tidbits of advice.

The tires are very well done too. so the crisply rendered treads will be prefect for some nice light colored dust or dried mud!

The bed can be put together in as number of ways, and the cab is a fantastic design which makes paining the driver and crew a snap!

More options!  The truck bed can be completely enclosed, partially opened, or minus the cover completely.

There are stowage sets for both Allied and Axis kits, which I absolutely have to get my hands on!  I'd love to have the bed of a truck filled up with some supplies as an objective or something along those lines.

The shell of the cab pops right off for easy access to the crew.  I'll be painting those first so you can see them.  There are some templates for making windshields and windows, which I will take advantage of!  This way I can splatter some mud on them and possibly some rain effects!

These assembled shots give you a sense of how nice this will be to paint!  The cab is not even glued in place yet!

I have not quite decided which period/theater this will be from.  Since the top comes off so easily, and stays on without needing glue, I may just use it for my Afrika force.  We shall see.

This is only the first of several incredible Rubicon kits, so be sure to stay tuned!!