Saturday, November 30, 2013

More flying...

Hey, I finally finished one of the riders for a Griffon!  As you know, these CoolMiniorNot Griffons were used for one of the painting videos.  

The rider is not the easiest thing to work out, unlike the bird lion, which is why I only used that portion for the video.  It can look very neat once it's all together, however!

I painted it in some classic High Elf colors.  I thought the blue would be a nice contrast to all the oranges and golds.

I adjusted the banner so that the pole would be as close to the wing edge as possible.  This gives it some extra support, which is a good thing.

Overall, it is my favorite of all the mounted critters from CMON.

Here are some closer shots of the rider.  I tried to reflect a bit of the blue from the robe onto his helmet for fun!

Riding high

This particular set was very fun in terms of the bases.  They were designed to match a very specific section of the display board.  I love doing stuff like that!

Oh yeah, and the bikes were fun to paint as well.

These bikes were a crucible where I tested out all kinds of new techniques and materials for the Bloody Mess instructional video.  I learned so much, since there were 16 of these bikes to deal with!

This view shows you the pattern that I was able to develop for every miniature in the army.

As I have mentioned before, this was the first time any of my armies had a completely unified theme across the board.  Normally, I have lots of variety to distinguish units from each other.

Full speed ahead!!!