Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All for a good cause

Well, here are the last photos of the Ultraforge Pleasure Demon.

She was sold on ebay a few days ago as a fund raiser for an additional (and much needed!) rendering machine.

Many thanks to Michael, and all those who have delved into this first round of auctions.  Also, a big thank you to Ultraforge, who allowed me to use several of their wonderful demons and large critters.

Because of their design, they made very good subjects for a number of the painting  videos, as well as great practice for others, such as the Glazing video.

I am always sad to see minis go out the door, but this was expected before the project even got started.  I knew that a big set of auctions would come at some point to bring in extra funds for shipping, packaging, printing, and so on.

So she flies away, off to a good home!


Lost my place a little bit this evening, so here is another Merc.

Could not find the images I intended to post, but it is more than extremely late right now, and time to go pass out...