Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Spectre

I remember when we first got these Barrow Wight figures many years ago.   It was part of an old boxed set from Lord of the Rings, which also contained Tom Bombadil, Goldberry and the captured Hobbits.

I think I made a diorama out of the Tom and Goldberry figures, but painted these separately for our Lord of the Rings games.  After giving them a few little updates a while back, I really enjoyed the look of them!

While we have been doing NMM since the very beginning over 17 years ago, it has been very fun to add these extra touches, such as greens and purples.  This creates a lot of extra depth to the metals, especially when the subject is supposed to be as ethereal as a Barrow Wight!

Even in the cloaks, some very bright greens were counterbalanced by more muted browns and umber tones.

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