Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

One more bike added!  The next one will be a little different, as it is the Sergeant with lightning claws...

As the unit begins to take shape, it dramatizes the effect of those Dragon Forge bases.  Fantastic stuff.

Just two more to go and the unit is complete!

Stay tuned for more enraged Mongol Space Marines!

Hey... where ya goin'?

Uh oh!!!

A warped perspective...

Much to my horror a while back, I realized that the warp gate that I wanted to use for that terrain video had GW bits plastered all over it.  That meant constructing a whole new terrain piece. :-(  Very sad for me, since that turned out to be many hours lost.

At least I got to show of my ancient veteran welder's glove!  Safety first...

Since most of you probably don't have a $200+ mat cutting machine as part of your hobby equipment, I created a cutting rig that should be easy for anyone to make for themselves pretty easily.

Goin' 'round in circles... so it seemed.

The new warp gate with power generator towers that are NOT made by a certain cranky miniatures company.

Conduits everywhere! Gotta spread that juice around.

Ready for painting!