Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Demonhunter gang 'o Guard

All right folks... another squad!

As I mentioned in the earlier post, these were Stormtrooper vets that I used as troops for the 4th edition Demonhunter army.

This unit was made up of various plastic pieces and parts that I could scrape together.  Just like the first unit, it is also where I learned how to create these types of sci-fi bases.

I tried to designate the Sergeants and special weapon guys by placing them on marble bases done in the style of the accompanying Grey Knights and Inquisitor retinues.

Here's the unit as a whole.  

Again, I really loved these units.  They did die very easily, but I loved how they impacted the deployment phase.  The way it worked out in 4th edition, I was able to see where all the opponent's key units were going to be long before my heavy hitters had to be plunked down!

That was a big advantage more than once. :-)

Hangin' out at the Gate

Given the Dark Eldar affinity for all things involving the webway and the warp, it was time to take some images of various units with the new gate!

This time, it was my unit of Grotesques.

It is very cool to see these guys in an all new context!

I forgot how huge these buggers were.

So, next unit up will be some Blood Vestals from Raging Heroes.