Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gambling on the rails!

Yes indeed, folks... Lathan has been VERY busy!

He has been creating epic new kits, buildings, furniture and more rail cars.

This is the 'civilian' version of the train engine, as well as a very cool casino car.

There are many amazing things about this rail car.  

Getting the rounded edges like these is a huge challenge... and Lathan loves challenges.  He eats them for breakfast.

But wait... you open it up, and there's even more wonders inside!

I love the pattern on the floor.  No need to hunt down rug patterns on Google and print them out!

But the real action is captured in the roulette wheel set!

Get your chips on the table and place your bets!!

I'm betting that painting this kit will be a BLAST!

This is one of a few new rail cars that I will be painting in the coming months, so stay tuned.  And stop by Burn In Designs and say hi to Lathan. :-)

Lucky Seven

Back to the Napoleanics, with a set og group shots.

The blue line is now the green line!

Heading the other way...

Where are they headed now?

Let's ride!!