Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Upon this rock...

Since this seems to be group shot day, I thought you might like these!

Here's a collection of figures that are all part of the same project.

I just had to place these guys into the terrain pieces you saw me working on a while back.

However, bigger group shots are coming using some new larger Hangar 18 backdrops!

The action, or 'glory' shots, are something that I have tried to do more of recently.  Not only are they very fun, but it allows me to see the figures in an entirely different setting.

That can be helpful for many reasons.  You get to see how the overall composition and color choices which you have been making from a distance, but with an extra flavor that simple group shots don't provide.

The greyish backdrop which I will be using is going to be quite striking with all this snow!!!

I have some foam hills and rocks which I'm working on that will go along with these tree and rock stands.

So, keep an eye out for the Great Frozen Hordes!!!

There's an "App" for that...

I thought you might like to see the 'regular' Apparition and War Priest alongside Chief Raven Spirit of the Warrior Nation.

You can see that all the same principles applied to both the smaller Apparition and the larger summoned monster.  I worked the effect from the inside out.

I also attempted to vary the colors a bit, with some parts being more of a reddish, or purple blue.  To contrast that, I also made an effort to get some teal green in there too.

The bigger Apparition had more of an angular sculpt, which made a big difference in my approach to shading it.

The smaller, more rounded Apparition could not have as many dark shades to it.

I am looking forward to seeing how these both play out in the game!

The two summoned beasts side by side...

The Energy of the Great Spirit resides within them, making them indestructible.

Chief Raven Spirit can call up to two of these Apparitions at one time, so it looks like I have to make another one!

Stay tuned to the eventual first fight of the Free Peoples!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mean doggy...

The pack of red doggies continues!

I don't know if I have ever painted armored hounds before.  If you count the Raging Heroes Thunderwolves... then yes :-)

I have a huge 'champion' version of one of these coming, so stay tuned!

Who let these dogs out?

As night turns into day, we have a nice group of Tharn cavalry from Privateer Press.

These metal sculpts can be a challenge to handle, but you also get some interesting results!

These are not actually intended for use in a WarmaHordes game, but in concert with figures from other companies.

Some more Tharn Cavalry will be joining these, creating quite a pack!!

One of the challenging elements of all the Tharn... on foot or mounted, are the spear quivers.

I have painted so many of those over the last 16 months or so, it feels like deja vu all over again each time :-)

The dramatic view from above gives a better sense of how that dark coloration of the wolves plays out against the white snow.

Also, there are just enough warm tones on these gals to create just a bit more color and temperature contrast.  Stay tuned for more!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Bombshell Babes

With the completion of the latest Bombshell campaign, I thought it was time for as new set of group shots.

This collection of Babes gives a nice sense of all the fun character types available.

Each figure has a distinct personality, and I am looking forward to using them as character pieces in a number of different game systems.

I really enjoyed the steampunk theme gals.  I had some bases ready for other figures in that genre, and these were perfect for them!

Here's a quick view of some of those bases.

The paper foliage and object source lighting were fun touches which I couldn't resist.

But this is not the end folks, as many more Bombshell Babes are on the way!!!  As always, stay tuned.

Two heads are better than one?

I've thought about painting some Circle Oboros for myself for a while, but in the meantime, here are some Oboros hounds that are part of the massive project including all the Red Box and Mierce miniatures.  Thus, you will see this sort of Hellhound type of color scheme.

There will be a number of these included in this project.

Stay tuned for more!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Big axe, bigger shield...

I didn't realize that this was a Reaper Miniature as I was working on him.  He was quite heavy, made of all metal.  The color scheme had to match all of the previous Mierce Miniatures figures in terms of the cloak, shield, and so on.

The fluorescent green paint is always a nice contrast to the brassy/bronze color, as underscored by the shield.

I tried to carry a bit of that type of color on the giant axe as well.

I have some fun group shots coming with this guy and some of the other snow based figures with the recent snow terrain project, so stay tuned!!!

When the wolf howls

At long last, Sitting Bull takes his place as leader of the Warrior Nation.  I changed my initial color selection to make him in line with all the other black fur/feathered characters.

It also let me play with the greenish colors and ruddy reds on the fur.

As you can see, the darker colors also created a great contrast for the  glowing weapons!

You can see more of the interplay of the olive green and blueish gray colors in these views.

This angle shows a bit of the reflected light on the underside of the chest, which I hoped would create more shape and dimension.  I also wanted it to make him see that much bigger than a 'standard' sized human figure.

This turned out to be way more fun than I originally expected, but I have to credit those color choices.  I even had a few areas of tan and flesh tone to add more depth.

I shot a few more pictures on the brown mist backdrop to show how those darker fur colors would look, as well as a way to show how much glow there was on the blue energy weapons.