Sunday, August 10, 2014

Let's go raiding!

And to do that, we need a sweet ride!  We have one right here... sporting the Blood Star icon.

Of all the vehicles, I think I was looking forward to this one the most, as it had some of the best freehand opportunities.  

The large sail was obviously a perfect canvas.

Also, this has been the classic notion of a Dark Eldar army all along.  I could not wait to put my spin on this iconic vehicle!

It's not an easy thing to paint, that's for sure, as I had to paint a number of the parts before I could even think about putting it all together.  Some of them were deep interior pieces.

Getting the crew to be in just the right position was also more difficult than I expected.

There are certainly a number of things that could go horribly wrong with painting pieces first, but there was just no way I was getting my brush into some of those areas!

Front and back.  There are also a number of WIP images here, including all the work on the underside:

The next set of images will feature the guys who rode in this.  Kind of a surprise :-)

Cutting through the skies

Before I took the pictures of the Razorwing on the brown/gray backdrop, I wondered if the warm colors would be too close in hue to the reds and orange of the vehicle.

Fortunately, there was a enough cooler gray colors to present a tiny bit of subtle contrast.  The diffused lights and darks also reflected the nature of the freehand, which would brighten and fade across the surface of the Razorwing.

I forgot how much fun I had on the mosaic tile base!  Most of the other ones that I made for the army were very small.  Here's a link to some of those images:

More views from above... every time I see this view, I am reminded to just how broad the surface of the wings was!!

One last time... then on to the raider!