Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wanted Poster... SWF

Together at last!  The Copelie Sisters and their doggie!

I am still searching for a name for the K-9... although Clankey seems to draw me in more and more.

If I get a second dog, he could be Clunky! :-)

The Sisters getting ready to hang some poor guy...

This is the small gallows from Burn in Designs.  Still working on the big one... the deluxe "Stretch O Matic "

You'd be lucky if these girls were the last thing you saw before you met your Maker... or the Watchers!

In the Jailhouse now... this time, the Sisters are working for the Lawmen of Wappelville.

K-9 is always ready to see who's at the door...

The jailhouse is also from Burn In Designs.

That was a lot of fun to paint, and now it makes it even more fun to show off my newest Lawmen figures!

I do have another set of Sisters, which I will either convert into something else, or repaint in an Outlaw scheme...

This week I will be publishing the battle reports where the gals made their auspicious debut on the tabletop!!!

Wielding the Dark Swords

Once again, a fantastic miniature from Dark Sword.  Super fine details, as always!

I know I say this all the time, but they really are a joy to paint.  If only all manufacturers held themselves to this level :-)

She's available here: