Friday, March 3, 2017

Extra Shots

While I have not been able to squeeze these extra shots into my French lists yet, I am hoping to scrounge up those points somewhere and give them a try!

I do enjoy working on the early war French, and I just realized why.  All of the other armies that I have under way are non-greatcoat figures.  

Making the greatcoats have an interesting set of shading and color variations is more challenging, especially when you pile a bunch of packs and equipment onto it!

The basing continues to be summer forest, but with a touch of mud to represent that brief weather delay that plagued the German advance.

I will get back to more step by step articles on the French once I have finished off the last sets of figures that I need to have complete squads.  With the V2 changes, I need to add at least 2-4 extra bodies to each unit for the morale reboot!  Stay tuned!