Sunday, December 21, 2014

This old man...

This old man is Sircan Abner, a leader of the Holy Order of Man faction.

He may be old and slow, but he's one mean SOB.  You can establish some synergy with him along with other underbosses and sidekicks, as well as the hired hands.  The Spica hired hands of the Holy Orders are more jack of all trades, which makes it a little easier to match up a broader range of characters with them.

This was also a very fun miniature to paint!  The draping of the cloak was just right to allow me to work in the slight reflection of the blueish tones in the shadows, particularly towards the bottom parts of the garment.

It is always neat to see the depth created when you juxtapose the warmer light colors with the much cooler shadows.  That can be important when you have to work in a narrow value range on white cloaks!  I can get contrast in a way besides pure light and shadow.

This does not overpower the rest of the figure, but connects it to the base... as if the blue is rising up from the base all the way to his glowing blue eyes!