Saturday, December 14, 2013

The pipes are blowing

Here we have something fantastic from Victoria Miniatures!  It is something you will see much more of on the blog.  This is the fantastic Highland Guard set.

Obviously, it is a set of ten.  Legs, heads and pouches in this image.

Now we have the guns, packs and torsos.  They all fit together very nicely.

These are the command sprues, so that you can make the Sergeant and Piper.

All the parts after filing and washing...

Assembly under way.

The piper comes with an alternate head.  It is so cool that he can be stylin' with his goggles but still slam the pipes!!!

Here's the Sergeant.

And the Piper!

There are a number of different heads, torsos, gun options, and so on.

More shots.  Everything was very easy to work with.  No air bubbles, or any of those other annoying things!  Spectacular work by Victoria.

I am going to enjoy painting these so much.  Also, if need be, the scale and proportions of these are close enough to work some conversion magic with a certain other company. ;-)

More poses!

And now for that size comparison.  If you need a chain sword or grenade launcher, etc., it should be easy pickins to do so!

Many thanks to Victoria for allowing me to do some work with these guys.  As I mentioned, you will see much more of these as time goes by.  Also, I will be working on her new set of  guardsmen... straight from the stockade!

Here's a link:

In full command... Drow style

Back to the Underdark where we find these stylish ladies.

They may look sexy, but you don't wanna mess with them!

Quick on their feet and even quicker with a blade, they will make 'short' work of you if you are foolish.

It is very cool to see the Drow version of the command squad after seeing the Dark Elf versions for so long!

As usual group shots just provide the most satisfaction, even if they are less dramatic than the single pose sets.

And I do love the very simple but elegant marble.  It sets off both skin tones equally as well.

Chorus line!

Time to get choppin'!!!