Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gotta have grunts!!

Oddly enough, these guys were the very first figures I worked on back in the day... as in May 2011.  I remember having lots of fun mixing and matching new Dark Eldar parts with the ancient ones, once I realized that you could get them to fit together!

Here we have some WIP images as I was getting them all painted.  This will look pretty familiar, as the pattern of painting was not very different form all the vehicles you have seen.  This picture shows the shaded basecoat technique used on the armor.

Now the same treatment for the weapons and other items, such as hair, trophies, vials, and so on.

This is all designed to set up the next stage, which is glazing and shading!  You can see a few articles on the shaded basecoat on the top bar of the blog, as well as countless other examples embedded withing previous posts.

So we are ready to go!  The idea is to work all the way up to the lightest highlights, and then re-work the middle tones and darks with the glazes.  I used a series of GW, Vallejo and Reaper glazes to do this.

The the Glazing begin!  Quite a dramatic effect.

Once the glazing is done, I went back in to do other details on faces, weapons, as well as freehand.  More to come, so stay tuned!!

Baseball was glad to see the Sox begin the season 2-0!!!!!

A few more images...

I almost forgot to post the rest of the Venom images!

There are still those remaining details to finish on this and the other vehicles, but that will wait until everything else is at this sane stage.

I would rather not do that piecemeal, which could lead me to forget something, or not have consistent results...

There are other details that I would like to add, but that is only if there is time.  Now that I have to spend some time reworking a Tomb Kings unit of chariots, that will cut down on the 'extras'.

Hopefully I will get the chance to do most of the fun extra touches on this army...

Stay tuned for a lot more in the next few days!