Sunday, February 7, 2016

Target Practice

It's been a while since I showed you one of the finished archers from the how to article.

These are from Red Box Games, of course.

Here's a link to the first of the 3 part series of articles!

I can see your future

Here's something that I discovered in the back of a cabinet... one of the last remaining converted Inquisitor Retinue figures.  My old 4th edition Demonhunters army had anywhere from one to 4 Inquisitor Retinues.  They were so much fun, and the Psykers definitely played a role.

This must be an old Warhammer Vampire counts figure or something along those lines.  I added the banner and a Libre Daemonicus to his collection of odds and ends.

I modernized a few of the painted areas a bit to see what he might look like after several years hiding away in the Warp!

He's also here: